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Skin Firming Creams and Lotions

When searching for a cream or lotion, make sure y u look for ones that will protect you from the sun and moisturize your skin. Your skin should always be protected by sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 when you're outside. A good moisturizer can combat the effects of aging [source: AAD]. It literally plumps your skin, which makes it appear firmer. Moist skin is also more elastic.

Next, make sure you pick something that affects the right part of the skin. Many creams and lotions are formulated to target age spots. These deal more with the surface of the skin. To help firm your skin, you should look for products that boost collagen or elastin or both below the surface.


The favored antiaging topical product hands down is retinoic acid, also called tretinoin. It's available only by prescription. This vitamin A product encourages collagen growth but is used more for wrinkles than for skin firming. The overthecounter version is called retinol [source: Lyon].

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A form factor is a motherboard with specific cheap moncler jackets dimensions. The AT motherboard form factor developed by IBM in the early 1980s was replaced as a standard by Intel with the ATX form factor. The dimensions of an ATX board are 12 in 9.6 in (305 mm 244 mm).

The ATX specification was a standard for a single processor form factor. The Enterprise Electronics Bay Specification (EEB) was developed from the ATX spec. It addressed the following areas of computer technology: support for dualprocessor designs and support for current and new chipsets, support for multi processors, and support for memory control technologies. As form factors were changing in size and dimension, the standard did not change significantly; it was a single processor form factor. But this changed with EEB. This led to the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) CEB moncler jackets outlet specification.

What is CEB Form Factor CEB is the acronym for The Compact Electronics Bay Specification. It is a standard form factor designed for use by dual processor motherboards. The requirement was first proposed for value servers as well as workstations based on the Intel XEON processor. The dimensions of the CEB motherboard are 12 x 10.5 inch (305mm x 267mm).


The Xeon microprocessor is a CPU used in a multiprocessing or in a multisocketcapable environment. It is an x86 microprocessor from Intel Corporation. This CPU belongs in a business or engineering server, workstation or embedded system markets. x86 microprocessors are typically 32 bit CPUs.